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"Always Rising. Passion is momentary. Obsession is forever."


Eternal Pine is known for its stunning masterpieces that sell worldwide. We currently have over 100,000+ clients in the entire world and more join our exclusive club daily.

A year ago, Eternal Pine was overwhelmed with too many orders for its masterpieces. The entire company had to stop advertising because people LOVED our products too much for us to handle.

By our second year in business, we regrouped and went back to the drawing board. We have all we need to succeed again. Everything is in place!


Most people have no idea how badly they’re getting ripped off every time they buy a luxury item from an expensive fashion store. On average, fashion companies sell their products 10 to 40 times more than it costs to produce.

These markups cover the costs for wholesalers, distributors, retailers and expensive advertising campaigns. The price of your products increases each time it trades hands. By the time it gets to you, you’re paying almost 4,000% more than the cost it took to produce.

The fashion item you bought in the store might cost only $100 (or less) to make… but you end up paying well over $2,000. For decades, people were forced to either spend a huge amount of cash for clothing they love… or be forced to buy cheap fashion items made from low-quality materials.

But that’s all about to change...


We were tired of buying fashion items that broke the bank. Style shouldn't break the bank. In fact, we believe that everyone should be able to have their own awesome accessories at a reasonable price.

We sell more than accessories. We sell a lifestyle. Our customers are creative and have a need to express themselves in an overcrowded world. People that keep digging down to figure out who they are. People that know the beauty of being unique. People that want to be more of who they are because they know, that the fact that they are unique is what makes them important. People that are Always Rising.

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Customer Service

Customer service is our number one priority. If you have any questions on our model, don't hesitate to contact us. One of our employees will reply as soon as humanly possible at!

Pre-Sale Support

If you are unsure about the style of watch you should buy or have any other question before buying one of our product, be sure to send us an email at

Post Sale Support

If there is any problem with the product you bought from our headquarters, we will refund you no questions asked when receiving back the product itself. Send us an email at and we'll be more than happy to answer your query!