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Men Watch – The Quartz Watch You Need

In my opinion every man needs a quartz watch. They are beautiful and they usually have beautiful designs that will improve any outfit. Quartz timepieces are extremely well known and seen in the luxury timepieces world.

A quartz watch uses an electronic oscillator regulated a quartz crystal keeping time. The crystal oscillator creates a very precise frequency making a quartz watch more accurate than a mechanical watch.

If you like luxury timepieces, having a quartz watch is a must. If you like elegance and mystery, then I would suggest a black men watch.

Here is our favorite and our best seller quartz timepiece :

 Quartz TimepieceQuartz TimepieceQuartz Timepiece

The ‘VILLAR’ is the perfect quartz timepiece. An alloy case material, glass dial window, an acrylic dial material, and an analog dial display. On top of that, the VILLAR has a leather band and a shock resistant feature for ultimate durability.


It has one of the most beautiful aesthetic available on the market with a dark leather band and dial and an elegant gold display and clock.


It currently sells on sale at $10.95 (usually selling at $80), which is probably the highest quality quartz watch you can find in the fashion industry.


Hope it helps,

Jack Smith


Founder of Mystery Timepieces