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Sinobi - The New Amazing Casual and Affordable Watches

Sinobi watches have a modern touch, a perfect combination of lightness and elegance. A great timepiece for any event I believe.

What people loved about these watches was also the lightness and ultimate comfort they offered. Much like the modern and simple looks we find on good quality brands such as MVMT which we respect truly.


Here is the first and most classic look we found. The Sinobi business is a simple beauty.

It comes in three different colours:

1- Black and Gold

2- Black and White

3- Silver and Black

This cool watch incorporates the design of the modern man, the comfort of luxury and will fit any style. If you like stainless steel watches. Also, if you're a true swimmer then you can go under water with confidence with its 30 meter water resistance. A high quality quartz and an analog dial for pure simple fashion.

We consider stainless steel to be an expression of luxury and high class lifestyle. An easily adjustable band for any wrists and a pin buckle for a classic style that sheds light to the modern man. If you like simplicity then this is absolutely for you!

Sinobi Classic

Our second style is for the modern man who has a more active lifestyle. The Sinobi Classic has the looks of the perfect slim casual watch that you will keep getting complimented on.

Available in 6 different styles:

1- Black & Black

2- Brown & Brown

3- Brown & White

4- Black & White

5- Black & Black (Texture)

6- Black & White (Texture)

A light, durable and comfortable leather strap for ultimate style. A slim dial like the Sinobi business that is light but efficient. A dial without numbers, just the necessary for your mind to stay sharp.

The six different classic styles are made to fit with any outfit. What do you prefer? Brown, black, white... The styles are made and ready for you.

 Sinobi Modern Man

The modern man knows the importance of quality accessories in his style, but he also realizes that most brands sell watches expensively only because of the name and not the actual watch quality. The last Sinobi style is exactly for him.

There are three different styles:

1- Black & Black

2- Silver & White

3- Silver & Black

An amazingly stainless steel wristband for amazing fashion and elegance. A simple dial with 60 Tachymeter with a professional and precise quartz movement. The modern watch can be worn during business events or casual events.


If you love simplicity, elegance and quality for low prices then we highly recommend. We've seen so many people asking many questions before buying those, but then were so happy they did.

Jack Smith